Jessie J Tops Bbc Sound Of 2k11 Pop Singer And Songwriter

Today in its ninth year, previous winners include Ellie Goulding, Very little Boots, Adele, Mika and Corinne Bailey Rae.
Jessie J has already enjoyed success to be a songwriter, co-writing Miley Cyrus’ hit Party in the us.

The 22-year-old launched her own solo career at the end of 2010, making it into the UK top 30 with her debut single Exercise Like A Dude.

Signed to Island Records in the uk – home to Amy Winehouse, U2 and Florence as well as the Machine – her music is a mix regarding attitude-filled urban pop and big soulful ballads.

She starred on the West End stage at the age of 11 and spent a year at the Brit Education for performing arts, in the same year while fellow singers Adele, Katy B and Rox.

Jessie J said she was “overwhelmed” at coming top of the Sound of 2011 list.

“It feels amazing for being accepted on such a broad scale, ” the girl said. “I know I’m doing something right and I’ve have to keep doing it. It’s an honour. ”

The Brit Awards have in addition given the singer the Critics’ Choice accolade, which she’ll accept at the ceremony at the O2 arena working in london in February.

“The expectation of me at present is so high, but I thrive on understanding people have that expectation, ” she said. “It’s challenging. ”

Austin Daboh, music manager at BBC 1Xtra – the initial radio station to play Jessie’s music – mentioned: “From the minute I saw a homemade training video of Jessie singing her head off, I believed she was a talent.

“I think she combines a distinctive charisma with great songwriting and to top it off she’s an incredible voice. ”

Lana Webb, head regarding music at Remedy Productions, who make shows to get Channel 4 and MTV, said: “Jessie J features already proven her songwriting credentials.

“With her strong voice, commanding stage presence and razor sharp type, Jessie J will cut across the musical landscaping, seizing the spotlight for herself in 2011. ”

2009, Ellie Goulding came top of the Sound with 2010 list, and was joined in the top five by Marina and also the Diamonds, Delphic, Hurts and The Drums.

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