The Bellewoods EC Price Made Getting a Condo There Irresistible

There are different condos available in Singapore. You could find a place along the shore or farther inland. You could choose to live in a mixed-use building and essentially live, work and play without ever leaving the structure where your residence is at. We wanted to live in a place that was only resident condos. We decided to put in an application once we saw the Bellewoods EC price being developed by Qingjiang Realty. What we were getting for our money was really a value to us. The total costs for the condo along with its maintenance later on was a money saver if we acted fast.

We ran the numbers for the financial obligations, and it made sense to act now rather than wait. We might be able to get a condo here later on, but the price difference would make it so we may not be able to fully afford it. At the present cost we were being quoted, we could get a nice two-bedroom condo that fits our budget perfectly. There was no sense in putting off moving any longer. We found the place that really made us excited to move to. Plus, there is no long wait for the construction phase as there is with some other executive condo units still in development. We are not buying on speculation, we can actually see the units.

We will be moving in the first quarter of the next year. We are excited, to say the least. The water features at the condominium alone make it worthwhile. I have never seen swimming pools so elaborately designed and intermingled with the landscape. They have one pool that is called the Aquatic Forest. The whole theme of the many swimming areas have a natural forest in mind in their design. Imagine swimming in a pool through islands landscaped with trees and grasses. It is very beautiful.